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IFAF Senior World Championship 2015 Host Set

October 13, 2011

Sweden has been chosen to host the 2015 IFAF Senior World Championship. You can read more about it here:

The 2015 tournament will feature 12 teams. These teams will be divided into four groups of three for round robin play, followed by a second round, then placement and medal games. 62 IFAF members will be invited to participate in regional qualifiers.

I’m interested to see how the regional qualifiers work, and how they’ll handle four additional teams:
– With only five PAFAF teams, how many will be allowed to qualify? Anything short of three (USA, Canada, and Mexico) would be a let down.
– In AFAF, Japan and South Korea usually play a qualifier. Will they both be allowed to come?
– Will Australia have to play in qualifier, since as far as I can tell, New Zealand doesn’t have a senior team anymore? Maybe against American Samoa? Australia shouldn’t automatically qualify.
– And how about EFAF? Normally the A-group winner and runner up go on to the world championship. Add that in with Sweden hosting (thus qualifying), will they end up with two or three more teams than usual?

It will be interesting to see how this all shakes out.

Like I said, Sweden will be participating because they are the host nation. Sweden is 3-3 in world cup play, participating in 1999 and 2007. They were the 3rd place finisher in 1999, going 2-1 by defeating Australia 22-6 in group play and Italy 38-13 in the 3rd place game. They lost to Japan 14-24 in group play. In 2007 they went 1-2, defeating France 16-14 and losing to Japan 0-48 in group play, and losing 0-7 to Germany in the 3rd place game.

  1. Five PAFAF teams? Who else are you counting besides Canada, US, Mexico? I’m assuming Panama is one

  2. nvm I found the list on the other page. I’d imagine Panama and American Samoa will both field teams by then, wouldn’t you?

    • Panama, maybe. American Samoa, I hope. But they aren’t Pan America, they’re Oceania.

      I should add that Brazil is hoping to participate in the next WC. We’ll just have to wait and see what kind of qualifying they come up with for PAFAF.

  3. Braulio permalink

    There are more PAFAF member however I asume that you are saying that there are 5 competitives members??

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