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2012 U19WC Day 1 Wrap Up

June 30, 2012
Current Standings
Place Team W L PF PA
1 (1) United States 1 0 27 6
1 (2) Canada 1 0 43 0
1 (3) Japan 1 0 27 6
1 (5) Austria 1 0 40 0
5 (4) Panama 0 1 0 40
5 (6) France 0 1 6 27
5 (7) Sweden 0 1 0 43
5 (8) American Samoa 0 1 6 27

I hate the format of this tournament. I wish it was group play. American Samoa may have what it takes to finish 5th, which is as high as they can. But in group play they could still get 3rd. Plus, it’s just more fun (imo).

Oh well. Game 4 was a great game. I’m sure the USA will do better in the penalty department on Wednesday, but their defense will be tested by Austria, which won’t be as one-dimensional as American Samoa. Which brings me to…

My predictions for the rest of the tournament! I meant to do this before it started, but I forgot. So I’ll just start now:

Tuesday, July 3:
France vs. Sweden. This should be a very good game. Sweden did very well against Canada (though the score didn’t indicate it). But France did even better against Japan. However, France can’t pass. I think Sweden will be able to stop the run enough to pull out the win. Sweden, 14; France, 12.
Panama vs. American Samoa. I mean no disrespect to Panama, but I can’t see them winning this game. And that’s really all there is to say about it. American Samoa, 44; Panama, 7.

Wednesday, July 4th:
Japan vs. Canada.  This may be the best game of the tournament. I think it’s going to be back-and-forth, and the team with the ball last may be the winner. I expect Japan to pull it out in a close one, but wouldn’t be surprised if Canada won. Japan, 30; Canada, 28.
Austria vs. USA. Most people will write in a USA win here without much thought, but I’ve been very impressed with the Austrian organization over the past few years. They’ve done a lot of good work developing their players, and they should make this a competitive game. That said, the USA will fix their mistakes, namely penalties, and convert on drives they didn’t tonight. USA, 41; Austria, 14.

I won’t go into any details about the last games now. Maybe after they are set, but I’ll go ahead and toss out some predictions:
– France over Panama
– American Samoa over Sweden
– Canada over Austria
– USA over Japan

These are subject to change, based on how I see the teams play in the mid-week games.

See ya’ Tuesday!

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