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2012 U19WC Day 3 Wrap Up

July 4, 2012
Current Standings
Place Team W L PF PA
1 (1) United States 2 0 97 13
1 (2) Canada 2 0 76 24
3 (3) Japan 1 1 51 39
3 (5) Austria 1 1 47 70
5 (6) France 1 1 47 27
5 (8) American Samoa 1 1 57 27
7 (4) Panama 0 2 0 94
7 (7) Sweden 0 2 0 84

The stage is set for our final set of games, and I don’t think there’s been many surprise so far. Team USA showed their dominance tonight, beating Austria 70-7. However, it was 7-7 with 6:30 left in the 2nd qtr before the wheels came off for Austria. I think they got away from their game plan, which lead to a few turnovers. After that, I think their spirits were broken, and they just couldn’t keep up. The US continued to have problems with penalties, which could be crucial against Canada.

The Japan/Canada game lived up to its hype. It was a great game all around, but Canada took advantage of Japan’s mistakes. If you missed it, I think they are going to show it again on the stream at 3:00 CST on Saturday:

And now, my final predictions:

Saturday, July 7:
(5) Austria vs. (3) Japan. Austria isn’t as bad a team as their score with the USA may indicated. This should be a very fun and entertaining game. I think Japan will pull away in the second half and win bronze for the second consecutive tournament. I may be mistaken, but since IFAF began, Japan has never lost to an EFAF team at the junior or senior level. Can Austria make history? Japan, 38; Austria, 21.
(2) Canada vs. (1) United States.  This is a rematch of the gold medal game from the junior world championship in 2009, and of the championship game of the senior world championship last year. Both times the USA came away with convincing wins, so Canada will be out for revenge. They have the talent to make this game competitive, but offensively the USA is starting to click, and I think that will be the difference. Penalties could be costly for the United States, though, so if Canada can keep it close into the 4th quarter, they may be able to come away with a win. USA, 35; Canada, 20.

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