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This blog will be providing you recent news on the world of the International Federation of American Football, or IFAF. I am in no way affiliated with them — just doing this as a hobby.

I hope to provide monthly updates to the current rankings (which will often see no changes due to the lack of games being played). Additionally, I plan on having a team page for each IFAF team, with information, links, and results.

Currently, I’m only working on senior teams, though one day I would like to expand to junior.

If you know of a game an IFAF team has scheduled (senior or junior) or has played, please comment in the Results section. If you notice I have missed a past game, you may also post it there. I need the date and score, and a link to a write up or box score would be great.

You can also follow me on twitter:  @IFAF_Rankings.

You can find out more about IFAF here: About IFAF.

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